Oil-Water Separation

Emulsified oils are encountered in oil drilling operations, industrial parts washers, refineries, and any industry and many others. Traditional methods for separating emulsified oil have depended on coagulants and flocculants to break the oil-water emulsion, but generally result in higher Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), which need further processing and incurs additional costs.

PRD Tech, Inc. has developed flocculants that combine both cationic and anionic chemistries for emulsified oil that have many advantages over conventional chemistries: (1) lower cost; (2) minimal addition of total dissolved solids (TDS); (3) non-hazardous; (4) easy to use; and (5) the sludge obtained can be easily dewatered and used for energy generation. Using PRD Tech’s flocculant (PRD-FC1), the water produced can be easily ultrafiltered and the sludge dried to dry solids, if needed, using available natural gas. In some cases, the contaminants sink, in which case, a plate separator can be used, while in other cases, the emulsified oil floats, and a Dissolved Air Flotation system can be used to remove the oil. The photograph below shows untreated and treated water samples.

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