Decentralized Sewage Treatment

Decentralized Sewage Treatment system that can be used in place of a septic tank in a home, to basically treat sewage wastewater for reuse in toilets and irrigation applications. The basic difference with the septic tank is that a septic tank requires a soil leach field to treat the wastewater, as the water percolates into the ground. Many septic tanks are faced with clogged leach fields due to transfer of solids from the septic tank to the soil, and replacement of leach fields is expensive. The result is that there are thousands of septic tanks that are currently operating with a failed soil leach field, and the water that is percolating down is untreated as it mixes with the groundwater, and this has resulted in contamination of groundwater supply which provides drinking water to thousands of homes. PRD Tech’s decentralized sewage system (NextGen septic marketed by Green Forward Technologies, LLC, Cincinnati, OH) does not rely on a soil leach field to treat the wastewater; the system is capable of treating the wastewater to a level which meets or exceeds the extent of treatment that is being attained by centralized wastewater treatment plants ( or

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