Advanced Dissolved Air Flotation (ADAF) System

Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a common treatment operation that has been used for a variety of industrial wastewaters for removing suspended solids (TSS), oils and greases (O&G), and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). It is commonly used either as a pretreatment system, for product recovery, or thickening of biological solids. Typical DAF systems consist of an inlet coagulation chamber, pressurized air injection, flotation cell with surface and bottom skimmers (or auger) and an effluent discharge chamber. Flocculants, marketed by PRD Tech, Inc. can be effectively used in DAF systems. The air injection system used in PRD Tech’s Advanced Dissolved Air Flotation (ADAF) system uses a specially designed venturi to create very fine bubbles without any blowers or air compressors. Unlike typical DAF units, the Advanced Dissolved Air Flotation (ADAF) system effectively floats suspended matter to the surface utilizing less horsepower.

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