Wastewater Treatment

At a time when billions of people live without sustainable access to safe drinking water or suffer ill health due to poor sanitation, when worsening food crisis battles bioenergy for land and water resources, and when climate change shakes the overall water balance, water treatment systems are becoming a necessity for industries, cities and the general population.

The pain caused by rising oil prices is nothing compared to the calamity that the world is facing with dwindling fresh water supplies and increasing demand. The future of many nations depends on the availability of fresh water and this looming water crisis has gone unnoticed by the media and by governments of nations that would be impacted most by shortage of fresh water. Even developed nations, such as US and European countries, have ignored this upcoming crisis and continue to subsidize the cost of fresh water, which makes the general public unaware that a major increase in cost of fresh water is inevitable in the very near future.