About PRD Tech Inc

PRD Tech Inc. is a company founded in 1996 and incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and in 2004 in the state of Ohio.  We are conveniently located in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky metropolitan area.  PRD Tech’s specialty is in the design/build and installation of biotrickling filter system for treatment of odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).  The applications range from municipal sewage/wastewater treatment systems to a wide spectrum of several other industrial processes and manufacturing operations listed below under our areas of expertise.  The biotrickling filter technology for odor/VOC control has improved substantially in the past decade. Biotrickling filters are gaining fast recognition as the most economical, "bottom-line", and effective means of controlling odorous and VOC emissions for the industries, better known as the "Technology of the 21stCentury"!  Compared to thermal oxidation (catalytic, regenerative), which generates nitrogen oxides (NOX) and has high operating costs due to consumption of natural gas, the biotrickling filter is environmentally friendly which does not generate by‑products, such as NOX, operates at ambient temperature and pressure, and has low investment and operating costs.  Please feel free to download and review our Technology Basics information, which is in the Additional Information Section of this site.

PRD Tech provides technical expertise on biological treatment processes for soil, air, groundwater, and wastewater cleanup applications.  Biotrickling filter technology offered by PRD Tech is unique, very effective in biologically treating emissions of volatile organics and is offered on a turnkey basis to industries, wastewater treatment plants, and consulting companies.  We have pioneered unique biocatalysts that can be used to accelerate treatment rates in bioscrubbers.  PRD Tech has performance data on using their media for ammonia, organics, hydrogen sulfide, and reduced sulfur compounds.

PRD Tech has successfully completed turnkey installations of odor control systems for wastewater treatment. These include stand-alone systems as well as retrofitting existing water (hypochlorite) scrubbers in-situ to PRD Tech biofilters, thereby realizing tremendous savings to the client in both capital equipment and annual operating (energy) costs. 


PRD Tech’s areas of expertise include: (1) Biofilter system for treating odors and VOC emissions for municipal, industrial (bakeries, smokehouse gases, food industry segments, pulp & paper, printing, painting booths, and virtually most industrial processes that have VOC emission problems; (2) Development of unique biocatalysts, such as “BIO-SPEEDUP”, which can accelerate biodegradation rates in water and soils for groundwater cleanup soil/sediment bioremediation applications (refer to case studies section); (3) Estimation of chemical biodegradability and utilization of biological technologies for treating contaminated air, water, soils, and sediments; (4) Research, testing, development, evaluation of biotreatment technologies; (5) Biotreatment and recovery of metals from acid mine drainage; and (6) Effective use of membranes for separation and biotreatment of contaminants.