One of the major concerns regarding municipal wastewater treatment plant discharge is the rising concentration of nutrient compounds, specifically nitrogen and phosphorus;  
WATER TREATMENT NEEDS Good mixing of liquid Dissolved Oxygen in water Active bacteria Ability to remove inorganics, such as ammonium- nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, etc.
An aeration system is among the most energy-intensive operations in wastewater treatment systems and is responsible for between 50-90% of total energy consumption in typical municipal installations. The optimum bubble size for aeration with compressed air and no mechanical mixing typically is considered to be 1 to 2 mm in diameter. This range of bu...
Degassing is removing dissolved gases from liquids.
Fresh water is a limited resource “If the wars of this century were fought over oil, the wars of the next century will be fought over water –unless we change our approach to managing this precious and vital resource” -Ismail Serageldin 2 billion people worldwide rely on groundwater for daily use. In areas other than Greenland an...
Membrane Degassing to Remove Dissolved Gases

What is Degassing?

Degassing is removing dissolved gases from liquids.

Applications includes:

  • Removing biogenic hydrogen sulfide from
  • groundwater, used for drinking water
  • Removing carbon dioxide from water used
  • for regenerating ion exchange resins
  • Removal of dissolved oxygen from boiler feed water
  • Removing ammonia from wastewater

Biofiltration is an effective treatment technology that has been successfully applied for treating air emissions of a wide variety of chemicals.  

Biofiltration has several advantages over thermal destruction, especially in terms of lower investment and operating costs, low energy consumption, and substantially less carbon dioxide emissions.

One of the central environmental issues is the existence of failed septic tanks that are currently polluting ground water, and surface water bodies. In 2014 there were about two million septic tanks that have failed in this country, while approximately 730,000 more new septic tanks are being installed each year. In most cases, septic system fail...